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Needed Luck

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    Here's a game I just played.  I know it's better to post your losses here, but I only won this because I was lucky.  My biggest problem right now is that I let a lot of opportunities slip away.  I feel like I'm creating some advantages, but then don't convert them into wins and this game is full of those situations so any thoughts would be most welcome!

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    Hi, I liked this game. Of course there are a lot of mistakes, as in any game, but it was nice.

    4. g4?? is a big mistake. You had to play 4.. Bg4! 5.fg Ng4 (threat Ne3) 6 Nb3 e5   (threat 7.. Qh4) 7.Nf3 e4;

    7..Ne3 was good, but why you played b5? 8.. Nc6 was ok and enough.

    15.. Rc8? (15..ed)

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    Glad you liked it.  8...b5 was a doozie wasn't it?  It probably deserves ??  My thought was to keep attacking the queen so he had to move it and would be unable to get out of the fork.  Didn't see the play he made at all.  I was too locked in to what I wanted to do that I didn't see what he could do.

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    After 8..b5?  he had to play 9.cb


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