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R+N vs R+B endgame, what to do?

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     Black to move and what to do? 

    What's black's objective? trade rooks and centralize king? or trade both rooks and minor piece and centralize king? or trade minor piece and play with better rook?

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    I'd offer a draw.

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    trading rooks would only be good if you were looking to lose. The knight looks like it may be a little bit stronger than the bishop here because your queenside paws are fixed on the same colour squares as your bishop. so the answer is clear you must trade the minor pieces if you want winning chances.but this position is probably a draw anyway like macer75 said

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    With symmetrical pawns it's a draw.  You have the open file but that's it.  Pawns on the same color as your bishop are unfavorable of course, but there's only 2 of them.  If you're worried though you can even play 1...a4 to get rid of one of them.  There's no hope of creating a passer on the queenside, the kingside hasn't been resolved yet but you certainly don't hold any special advantage there.

    Probably the biggest thing to remember is the quickest way to lose is to push for a win in a drawn position like this.  Jump on a chance when you see it, but not before then.  I think it's reasonable to offer a draw here, but of course Carlsen wins equal endgames so why not you :)  You're no GM but neither is your opponent.

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    i think white is slightly better because have the move e4 with the idea of stop the black bishop follow with f4 and e5 (the main idea is put the knight on d6) and can't see a plan for black.

    anyway, still look like a draw because no one have a clear weakness.

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    that white's knight seems promosing for some moves ..., but i'm amateur enough to give some opinions, lol


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