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Should I have won this game?

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    So I at first thought that my knight sacrifice was a surefire game winner, but now on analysis, I'm not completely sure that it would have been better than even had my opponent played it correctly.  Thoughts?

    edit- just realized I forgot to set the beginning.  However, thoughts on the earlier portion of the game are also appreciated.

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    Ah i found the way out! Very very tricky. White is still lost after this continuation but he's saved from mate.

    And by the way, you are right. Kc1 is the best option

    We can take a look after Kc1. 

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    Sorry bicarbonate, misread your comment- I read it as 22. Qb4, which puzzled me more than a bit, and not ...Qb4.  That's what I get for speeding I suppose.

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    maybe this is better?


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    Chessrockers that is all well and good, except it is white to move at that point :). Black cannot play Qxa2 when it is not his turn

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    23 Rb2 was a blunder. 22 Qb4 or even 23 Qb4 best moves since you threaten mate in 1. In 17th move, if he advanced the pawn, the game would've been so much different, then in 18th move he could correct his mistake, which he didn't do.

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    1st. game #18 f4 is a mistake...rhg1. Allowing ne5 is nothing but trouble.

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     (afternkc1)#23, ke1,pb6+ ?


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