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Sicilian Najdorf fun

  • #1

    Hi guys these are the last two games i played against a sicilian najdorf , i have some anotations but i need help to analyse them better so if you so any blunder or mistake let me know .


    this frist game is from the chess.com correspondance themed tornament , in wich every game starts with the sicilian najdorf.

    This second game was a 15/10 game and it was also played here in chess.com

    Thats it guys i hope you liked it

  • #2

    I noticed in the first game black never got a queenside attack going. Possibly 14...b4 15 Nce2 Bb7 gives black a chance. Otherwise, a great attack.

  • #3

    You're a Sicilian beast!

  • #4

    eightdogs that was what i was expecting too however i think whites presure against the king was to much


    TeraHammer thanks for the compliment but am not very good i bet you could beat me with the scilian

  • #5

    If we were to play, I'd definately not choose the Sicilian against you, haha

  • #6

    Not bad. If I was at your level, I would love to test my newly found Najdorf 'skills' ^^

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    I would like to play against you TeraHammer , maybe you could teach me a few things


    Phylar you are at my level for sure so if you ever wanna test your newly found Najdorf skills against me just say

    Also here is one more game on the sicilian defense


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