Was this position hopeless?


After I moved 16. Nd6+, black ran his time down to less than a minute before moving 16. ... Bxd6 (which I felt was black's best move and which I knew would leave me the fewest options for putting pressure on black). I was looking forward to finding out if my pressure was solid or if black had solid defense options after 17. Bxg6+. However, since black ran his time down, he definitely wasn't able to handle pressure and didn't find anything (and quite honestly, I didn't play my best past that point either hehe, but I still got the win). So my question is, did black have solid defense options?

Here is the game up through 17. Bxg6+.


i don't know but it looks like you're out of fuel after 17... Kd7

But i'm not sure

nice game by the way!


Thanks for the comment! I definitely agree. Black played 17... Kd8 and eventually Kc7 and didn't get his King to d7 until I had seized control. According to computer analysis, Black had control of the game at this point and could've kept control with Kd7, but time trouble was my friend in this game.


Can't 17...Kd7 be met by 18 Bf5?


Seems strange that the computer didn't catch that.

4.Qxd4 is okay also. It's just a matter of taste.


17...Kd8 (maybe 17...Ke7 too) wins for Black, 17...Kd7 loses. That's a "slight" difference between them.

But 16.Nd6+ is weird. Simply 16.Qe2 and Black's position is absolutely horrible.