We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    1. ... Qf8 is met by 2. Rg8+ Qxg8 3. Qh6+ Qh7 4. Qxh7# isn't it?

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    amcgee3 wrote:

    Vengeance, I think 26. Qxe4+! looks like the obvious best move because it is the best move.


    Thank you. My computer allows me limited abilities to analyze the positions down and I no longer have my travel board with me. It is always great to have others help (though I feel kind of guilty that others are doing the analysisCry) as it shows me ways to strengthen my play. Thanks Amcgee3

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    OK I looked at the idea of doing the underpromotion and it is equality and draw in a Bishops of opposite colors endgame. So amcgee3 is correct on 26. Qxe4+ (Towhich I officially withdraw my 2 exclamation points and will substitute "?!" instead.

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    jetfighter13 wrote:

    here is my most recent win for ya'll( thats plural not singular)  to pick apart


    thank ya vurry much
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    Crab-A-Blanca wrote:

    A quicker mate with 27. Rg1+, you should've played that instead of what you played, since that allows black to have a long endgame

    And 34... Qf8 delays the mate so its not mate in 3. Actually black has a good chance of delaying mate for a very long time, even drawing the game.


    I disagree, at least with your diagram. I see a fork for white between the pawn and king. from there, white should easily be able to trot down the board for a promotion.

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    how do i do that?

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    Another interesting rapid game. 

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    That's one of my best tactical battles in a long time. I played an unorthodox "reversed Halloween Gambit" and things turned out quite well after some tactical shots:

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    There were a lot of odd moves back and forth, too...

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    Oops..... didn't notice it. I've fixed the diagram.

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    I've always wanted to try the Halloween Gambit myself, but since so many players play the Sicilian nowadays, it's not easy. 4. Be2 is certainly unusual, a little reiminscent of the Hungarian Defense, but not unsound I should think.

    The Halloween Gambit gives Black an awful lot of tempos for pawn moves. I think after 6. .. d4, White may have been better off with Nb1 in this position. After you play e4, though, White's development is surely in a sorry state. Whether Black could translate that into a win is a good question.

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    I think it is rude that your opponent made you play through till you promoted a second pawn to resign. I would have given it to you after your 40th move

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    It looks to me like Black created a backward pawn for himself on d3 on the tenth move, which is normal in the Sicilian. Your Queen was doing alright. Why not move the Queen back to d2 and maintain pressure on that backward pawn? Castling kingside might have been good (esp. vs. Kovac according to you), and I like a4 and a Queenside assault, due to your defensive pawn structure on e4 and f3 that locks in your white-squared bishop on that side.

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    Ok then....Game i played not long ago....enjoy : )


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    Possibly my most humiliating defeat considering I had a forced mate on more than one occasionLaughing

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    I am going to only show one little trick that you missed








    here is the other line.










    and those are the major lines. the windmill will hapen if either the rook isn't traded or the Bishop isn't taken. the queen is lost.

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    Nice JF, Rf7 wins on the spot.

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