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What are your thoughts?

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    What do you think, I am not normally used to opening queens pawn, I like e4 much better. This was 5 minutes per side.

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    I think 4.Nh3 isn't too great, black doesn't have to take and the knight and it is awkwardly placed there. Better would've been Bg3 or Bxd6.

    5. Bxd6 . The queen is out. perfect time to exchange and mess up his pawn structure.

    12. Qf3? don't offer trades too quickly (especially when you're winning) try to make complications within the position. In this case the trade will weaken your king and make you vulnerable in the G file. Which is what black takes advantage of later on in the position to win.

    I'd recommend to play some slower paced games 15min + for starters and try to think a couple moves ahead in the positions. Try to develop your pieces to good squares. Work on planning, attacks, creating complications for your opponents etc. Use computer analysis to help you find the best moves in your games thumbup.png and review them.

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           It is clear that you don't understand even the basics and with blitz you might never do.Play slower time control games and try to think.Then analyse your games(without engine) and spot your mistakes.Try to learn something from every defeat.Just one thing from every game is enough.Post your games and your analysis and seek advice if you want.Better players will tell you things that you missed and that will help you improve.


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    Also , don't use engine in your analysis.You have to understand the mistakes and you have to prioritise and fix first the important ones.That is why you must focus in one or 2 mistakes per game.Fixing one or 2 things  every game is HUGE and already very difficult, trust me.An engine will show you 20 mistakes and will confuse you.A human will draw your attention to the 2-3 most important ones. 

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    You need to develop more agressive mindset.

    Why would you offer queens trade with 12. Qf3? allowing black to double your pawns for no reason? As far as I can see there's nothing wrong with move like 12. e4. Even 12. f4!? could be considered. It's not at all clear that the black queen is well placed on f6. Also, later you make the doubled pawns much weaker with 14. f4? (black could simply answer with 14... gxf4.)

    Earlier, the check 8. Bb5+? is totally pointless. Bc8 is a passive piece hemmed in by the pawns so exchanging the bishops with 9. Bxd7+ is to black's advantage. You are ahead in development and should be looking to attack with 8. Bd3! f5 9. g4!.


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