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What's the Worst Move You Can Make?

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    Post your own games too if you wish. We all sometimes make seemingly logically but disasterous moves every now and then. This thread is about just that. Basically, just post a position, and see if anyone can post the wosrt move you or your opponent could make, and explain why a such seemingly logical move is such a terrible move. Here's a simple one to get the ball rolling.


    Edit: You solve the puzzle by making the worst move you can.


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    I don't see how that is worse than Qf6.

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    macer75 wrote:

    I don't see how that is worse than Qf6.

    Because after Black plays O-O, Qg4 introduces the threat of mate, and c2 pinned by bishop all the while. Black then after pushing the b2 pawn in a futile effort to defend results in forced checkmate in two from Qe5, and in the best case scenario after playing O-O, Black will survive for five turns back before suffering a forced mate. If Black plays instead Qf6, Black have a much better chance of surviving and playing.

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    O-O is Terrible.

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    The Bongcloud move, ...Ke7, is much worse than the other proposed alternatives.

    Edit: I take it back. ...O-O actually is worse, being mate in two fewer moves than ...Ke7.


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