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Where did I go wrong?

  • #1

    I played 3|0 game, very interesting. I ended up with a pawn advantage, but somehow managed to lose.

    If you have time you can comment on my middlegame too, but the biggest problem is endgame. :)

  • #2

    33 Kf5 seems reasonable, as does 33 c7 (so he can no longer manage to do that king tuck that he got in the game).

  • #3

    I will leave it to the experts, but Andy's suggestion seems good.

    Nice opening handle¨!

  • #4

    Several bad moves in the endgame. 33. h3 was very weak compared to 33.c7, which wins on the spot. Other weak moves:

    35.Ke7 (pointless)

    40.Rb5 loses the game on the spot. It was imparitive to play 40.Rc4 b3 41.h4 and then plant your rook infront of his pawn instead of behind it. You then use your h-pawn march to counterbalance his b-pawn march, and sac your rook right as he tries to queen it.

  • #5

    OK, tnx!


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