Why is this position -2 in black's favor?

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After cxd4 and cxd4 and Qc7 then Black has some targets to attack.


Weak e4 square, more weaknesses on the kingside, and white has grave problems completing his development.


Very quickly and without too much thinking, it immediatly strikes me that after c4 and Na5, the Queen's wing is desperatly cramped for white and that should raise pieces circulation problems for White, that are worth 2 pawns.


I think development is the problem for white. Because the pawn is on c3, the knight cant naturally develop there, so the bishop has to leave first. the problem is that f5 is blocking the bishop from having an active role. so if you fix that with f5 for instance, white's king is also still in the center and it'll take at least 3 - 4 more moves for white to get settled. just my opinion.


You are a far stronger player than I am.  That said, I'd have to guess piece coordination and development.  

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I'm pretty sure it's because the pawn on f4 isn't actually that good, it's just weak

That’s what I tried to do when I played Qc7, but engine says castling is much stronger and I don’t know why

Because you've gotten your king out of danger and are ready to put your rook on the open file, which pins the knight to the king

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b1z I am not as good as you at chess...

But I would say that there are positional weaknesses in white's position. 

Possible ng4 trying ne3, mostly positional stuff

Ng4 seems to be a recurring theme after I played around with the position with stockfissh.


     After 8....0-0, white needs to play 9.h3 or the pinned knight will be in a lot of trouble. Then with  Re8, Qe7, and c4 (or cxd5 cxd5 Nxd5) black puts tremendous pressure on the knight on e2, winning the d pawn and/or perhaps the f pawn--depending how white defends--while maintaining an initiative and greater activity.


Hmm that’s seems plausible 


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White knight and bishop are horrible


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