A game with the devil

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    I'd make the counter-demand as I said in the previous post. Don't know which woman I would choose. But after the night ended and the Devil said to me "Well?" I would say no, get lost, beat it. I would have ways of gettring rid of him for good; I would rather not go into those methods in public.

    If you want to go esoteric here and go into medieval astrololgical symbolism God and Satan were both given the sun sign [ or as people say informally these days starsign] of Leo and the ruler as being the sun. God was the most intelligent being in the universe and Satan was the second most intelligent.

    Um. You are seriously going to risk your soul against the second most intelligent being in the universe?

    Yes, this answer has shown yet again that I listen to way too much Donovan. I live in a tower surrounded by astrological glyphs and alchemical symbolism. Every morning I wear a druid's hood and become one with the earth and the sun gods.

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    Now there's a guy who could give God odds of pawn & move!

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    Yes, this answer has shown yet again that I listen to way too much Donovan.

    cabadenwurt, is that you?

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    And do we have to sign that stupid contract thing?  That's so passe.

    You have to sign in blood :P

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    The Devil would play the Bishop's Opening, of course: choosing an opening named for one of his compatriots.

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    Or he could play the Burn Variation.

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    You mean because I'm hearing a voice inside my head that proclaims it's Satan?

    Both that and because you accepted the voice's offer.

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    What if we use a computer program against Satan?

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    Yes! There is a keylogger called Satan! That would do the trick.

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    You had me at Delusion.

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    trumpeting wrote:

    Delusion and errors of thought must be demonstrated through the frame work of truth that has endured the test of time. While many of the government torture test victims show an amplification of neuronal pathways in the front temporal lobes, we should not discount their testimony based on this. Errors of thought are amplified with SATAN (silent assassination through amplification of neurons). In order to separate out what is true and what are just perceptional errors, you need to study a victims testimony from the view point that you already know about how these weapons work



    I disagree.

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    whirlwind2011 wrote:

    @OP: I would never believe him. 

    He did give Johnny his fiddle.

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