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Chess Books A Waste of Money?

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    Books on mating patterns might prove helpful to you.


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    N0S0UP4Y0U wrote:
    aggressivesociopath wrote:

    Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess is a waste of paper.

    This book was definitely one that put me on the path to becoming one of the top 30 or so age under-13 players in the US back in the mid 70s.

    This book took me to 3rd place in San Francisco when I was 8 (for my age group, of course)...it's actually an excellent book for teaching mating patterns and how to see combinations to young players.  Whiiiiiiiiiiiich...is what it was written for.  So:  perfect book.  Bad book selection by the agrieved poster of two years past.

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    The fallacy of the statement in the opening post, is that most players could "study the games themselves" and have no real idea of what was going on, who was ahead and why. 


    sitting there with a chess engine spitting out reams of analysis and saying the evaluation is -1.27 tells you nothing. yes, black is ahead but why???


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