Chess for Oldtimers --- Good Idea !


We all know about the many studies that tell us that as we age our brain begins to go downhill. Also the experts do give us some bit of hope tho that using the old grey matter can be helpful in slowing down the mental decline ( enter Chess and Bridge as fun games that also work the mind ). For example there are still a few players around who like myself actually started playing Chess BEFORE Bobby Fischer won the World Championship ( shocking but true  lol ). Before I ramble on too long here --- has any other long-term player noticed the benefits of playing Chess as a person ages ? Or any info on studies done in this area re the benefits of our game here ?


I'm not quite that old, but it gives me some reassurance that my brain may still work in later life when I read the research regarding chess players (and any other mentally-intensive activity) helping to keep Alzheimers at bay etc.

On a related but slightly tangential note, in the Entry Form for an upcoming congress there is a prize for Highest Placed Veteran.  It describes this as "Aged 60+ as of 1 September 1951".

Wow. That is old.  Anyone that old who manages to make it to the venue deserves a prize, in my opinion ;-)

(Yes, I know what they really mean!)


Thanks for leaving a post here DaveEwart, and I agree that a prize for a highly rated Veteran player sounds good --- some days I'm just glad I can remember where the car keys are  lol.


Well perhaps my title for this thread has scared people off ?  lol, I should perhaps have called it Chess for people who have been around the block a couple of times. However I do love to play the game even tho I'm at a very average level allways keeping in mind that I'm also getting lots of mental exercise while involved in a fun activity that I enjoy. There is one minor ( but quite aggravating ) problem tho that I've been noticing. I will be in the middle of a game and suddenly my mind wanders off and next thing I know I've made a boneheaded move and messed up the game. I mainly play Live Chess try to keep the game moving ( set at 15 and 10 ). I had a nice litte game going earlier today and for no logical reason gave away a rook, with no return of material, maddening. Perhaps this type of problem is one reason that we see very few older players able to keep up in high level tournament play ? Well I'm off to get another game, maybe this time I can get my mind to concentrate all the way to the end of the game  lol.    


I looked at your bio's but none of you show your birthdates.

I'm 77  now, born December 14, 1937. I just had another party.

Just had a birthday party and you didn't show up.

So where is my present? You owe me two now.

I teach chess at the library to anyone for free.

I stopped teaching bowling to 80 juniors every Saturday.

I bowl in four leagues every week and substitute whenever they ask me. I average about 195 each game.

I am taking three Jr. College courses.

On this site I have only had 256 games.

One was a blindfold game against a 7th grader "1plus1is4" It was a fun game.

I need more on my plate. I don't know if its half full or half empty.

I know I am using the wrong size glass.

Bye for now


Thanks for the recent posts Echecs06 and Denverhigh. In my case I was born in the early 1950's so it's nice to meet someone here who has few years on me Denverhigh. I retired early several years ago due to downsizing where I used to work and I find that playing Chess on-line helps to keep my mind busy. I must say that you certainly are keeping very busy Denverhigh, good to see. Adios for now. 


One thing that I didn't mention earlier in this thread is the value of Crossword puzzles. Chess and Bridge are known to be useful as exercise for the mind however doing Crosswords is also reported to helpful as well. In my case English is not my first language so Crosswords do require extra patience  lol. 


Well I guess I'm the oldest. Born April 7, 1937. Which makes me 74. I agree that chess, bridge, crosswords, etc. are fun and good for keeping your mind fit. In my case I still run my own business from my home and it is a challenge every day. Me against the world!

Still go to the beach most days, walk and lift weights, and try to stay reasonably fit.

But I sure cannot concentrate like I used to, or recall things instantly like I used to. Oh well - I will never give up.

thanks for reading my post.

cabadenwurt wrote:

 next thing I know I've made a boneheaded move and messed up the game. I mainly play Live Chess try to keep the game moving ( set at 15 and 10 ). I had a nice litte game going earlier today and for no logical reason gave away a rook, with no return of material, maddening.

 I know exactly what you mean... even though I'm only 14... sign that I'll die at 20?Frown


Yeres is 181 and can still shout at clouds.



Darned geezers! (oh wait...I am one now).


Thanks Everyone for the recent posts. Schtoonkmeyer good to see that you are keeping quite active. And running your own business from your home, busy keeping the wolf away from the door. Way to go ! 


Oh yeah, I always thought that one was funny!  And Ten Years After once covered "Three Blind Mice."


(sorry, kohai)


Frankly, I'm even more partial to Rock & Roll Music To the World.

Haven't even listened to A Space In Time yet (one of these days though I shall).


Hi The Kernel:

Don't rush to retire. "There never seem to be enough time, to do the things you want to do, once you find them."


I just don't have enough time and it's passing so fast.


Check this out on Chess and anti-aging:


Thanks for all of the new posts everyone, some interesting items there to be sure. As far as music is concerned I've also got a thread going about that  lol. 


One thing I wanted to add here is in regards to the passage of time. Time is still measured in the same as it was in my youth ( 60 seconds in each minute, 60 minutes in each hour etc ) but the mystery is why do the weeks and months go by so quickly ? To quote Mr. Spock " this is not logical " lol.    


PS: and a note for Stocke --- You are only 14; Think Positive !!! You will live a Long Life and do many things ! ( many of which you will even enjoy  lol ).