Chess Game For Cryptocurrency ?


Guys, i have a question, I was wonder best cryptocurrency forum CryptoInTalk hosted a chess game on their cryptocurrency platform allowing users to play chess for cryptocurrencies. I'm wondering I just joined Chess website here. Is there anything here related to playing with Cryptocurrencies? I mean CryptoInTalk is just a Cryptocurrency Forum not really a platform for chess it was a one-time thing. Just curious, let me know. 




Not sure if players on here do that. Im sure it's possible but haven't heard of anyone doing that. There might be some playing for crypto but not mentioning it yet.


of course there is! bringing Chess into blockchain tech will be epic! Imagine you can earn tokens by just playing.  There are some devs building something like that already on top of the EOS blockchain... check the link and see below "CHESS Coming Soon"


there is if you like bitcoin


Is it possible to earn cryptocracy while playing chess?