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I've been meaning to join an online chess training site or enroll in online chess coaching for some time. The problem is that there's quite a few of them and I'm not too sure which I should follow. has Chess Mentor. It seems quite good, but it's kinda pricey.

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Ahh... there's just so many. =( Anyone has any thoughts on this?


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I personally use another site and the chess mentor here. However I have seen over 30 webistes that offer this kind of training.

That other site helps with building intuition in players after awhile of using it and will actually let you glimpse into the masters thinking process in some courses. and at 100 dollers a year its really not that expensive. I have also noticed I tend to use more of the patterns that are taught here and it helps fill in some gaps in my chess knowledge that I didn't know I had compared to some other sites that didn't even teach the baic precursors to this knowledge.

That other site is for those with a cast iorn will to learn and don't mind spending several hours studying intensely to grasp a point. With the learning process of problem then lesson though I have burned the lessons it teaches into the depths of my mind to the point where I wont forget them easily even under high stress situations. This school teaches under harder strict calculation rather than just good intuition built in. Not to mention its less forgiving.

between the 2 i have enjoyed a through chess expierence and after a year worth of training under both of them loosely due to work scheduling I have seen a rating boost of about 800pts. U.S.C.F.


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yes, the opportunities for online tutoring are quite overwhelming. In best Monty Python "Four Yorkshiremen" style: when I were a lad, we were so poor we were lucky to have a strong chess player at t'local club; you had a club, we had to make do with toilet rolls as pieces on the cobbled stones; cobbled stones...? etc.

It's a question of money and what you want to pay for. and other sites all have regular shows by titled players and respected coaches. The more personal coaching, though? I like Valeri Lilov, a Bulgarian 2400+ FM, who has a regular show elsewhere. He also can give lessons via his website.


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Fritz program is the best coach.


Fritz? A computer? This shouldn't even be considered. A computer can teach you how to play chess like a robot, but not like a human. They won't offer the interactive student-teacher approach unlike humans. 


It has a coach in it. Emotionless yes. Like Carlsen and Anand

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Shameless plugging. You'd only piss off people by just spamming your own school link.


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