Does Chess Make You Better In Math?

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    macer75 a écrit :

    And now that I look at the problem again, I suddenly realized that it's not a valid problem. In the original ad there was a space after "5 +," and you were supposed to fill it out. Which I just realized is impossible with just the information given.

    That's why you need to go to their website and pay lots of money!

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    wow! This is a sleeper, so here's a wake-me-up (ahem)...


    Some years ago I read a study that compared progress in arithmetic and english between two  sets of primary-school children: the only variable  was  that one set  learnt and played chess -as part of the school curriculum-  after the age of  6.  

    After only one year,  the chess playing set were up to two years ' more advanced' than the 'control' set of children, in both arithmetic and english (ie: number skills and language skills).

    An interesting result ( but surely no surprise to us Chess players);  even more so  as number and language skills allegedly involve different 'halves' of the brain! 


       My (brilliant, beautiful, extraordinary - like everyone else's) nephew  -and sole genetic 'offspring' - learnt chess early on, and went through a bit of a chess-phase.  The first time I decided to not let 8 year old Jack win, the family audience hissed me. Then Grampa pointed out that learning to lose -for once- was a valuable lesson!

    I see less of my nephew than I would wish - apparently he's grown from the adorable little boy to the abnoxious young teen: of course!



    [ I've deliberately used the term ''arithmetic'' rather than the - increasingly more common- ''math''. Arithmetic has always meant, to me,  basic number skills: those learnt in Primary school (and at home!) . ''Mathematics'' came along in Secondary school,  when we were introduced to algebra and those other abstract and useful areas of number-skill. 

    The term ''math''- apart from being grammatically dodgy - was always an Americanism and foreign to those of us raised with English-English spelling.    Pedantic?  I care not and will always spell colour with that ''u'', as well as encyclopaedia and foetus (thus), as being more culturally correct, and therefore more pleasing, aesthetically speaking, to my  Australian/English eye ! ]

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    Chess is logical yes? maths is logical yes? if you are good at maths logic and general logic then there is obviously a correlation no? I am talking about natural logic not parrot learning equations and formulas, if you are good at maths because you have good logic then it should be correlated to chess due to the same reason of logic.

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    then however the question is not does chess make you better at maths, the question is does chess make you better at thinking logically.

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