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Elementary! Chess in Sherlock Holmes

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    Classic chess duel in the new Game of Shadows movie.  The best part of the movie for sure as chaos swirls around them, they don't even move the pieces on the board speaking them aloud for several turns. 

    Does anyone know if it was from a classic game? 




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    Haven't seen the movie yet. Can you give us the notation? Was it the same as the game listed here?


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    It does not seem to the same game. They didn't show the position and the moves did not register any sequence. 
    There were few piece captures and one moriarity QxNP and the end was sherlock holmes mating with B discovered check mate. Next time I see the movie, I will try to track down the moves. 

    The clock was awesome, never seen that before. And they were talking in old notation but the new algebraic one. 

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    When I do get to see the movie, I'll definitely keep an eye out for the scene.

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    And who plays the king? God?

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    "god helps those who helps themselves"

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    I wrote a blog about the chess scene and you can read it here.



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