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FIDE rating? yes how do we get that??

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    VikramjitM wrote:

    hello respected members, i just want to know the procedure of getting FIDE rating, well there is an International open tournament coming up in my home town this month so if i participate there will i get FIDE rating?

    Become a club player, get an athlete's ID in your federation, and you will also be registered in FIDE's list. Then play in rated tournaments to get an official FIDE rating.

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    thanks :-)

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    alaguramu wrote:

    First you need to apply for a FIDE ID through your federation before you play your games against FIDE rated players.

    Not anymore. http://arena.myfide.net/

    That will get you a FIN and you can get an online FIDE rating. Of course, OTB play would still be necessary to get regular rating.

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    you can get your fide rating by getting a rating of 1200-1400+ and getting your fide id in fide cis. Then pay 10 euro to get on the fide chess ladder and in around a week you will see your name on the fide website. Then what you do is subscribe to the fide rating tournament if you are 1200+ in national rating (i cannot because my nr is 521). Win 3 matches and you will confirm the rating with fide. To get to an nr of 1200-1400 you will have to play and win at least 50% of 16 matches to get a nr (3 7 match tourneys) and around 30 to 35 more to achive 700-800 (4-5 7 match tourneys) and then just win many higher level players and you will see yourself at around 1200-1400 rating


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