Group "Chess Rockerz" Poem





She Was Real, Raging Rio, Chess Rocker,

Razor Sharp Curveture's,

With Nill Overture's

The Main Source To a Full Course Show Stopper,

She Had So Many,Good and Plenty,Sweets to Her Treats,

She Should Have Been Named Betty Crocker,

With a Stark Pose Like a Long Black Rose,

The Essence of Her Presence Would Make A Man Pay Penance, For the Keys to Her Locker,

She Approached The Chess Set, Like An Encroaching Vet,

Two Smooth Moves Later, our Centers Met,

I Was Let, To Muse A Threat,But Like a Bad Bet, 

 For She Arose Ever Yet, Like A Bomber Jet,

And I began To Sweat,

She Had a Closed Variation To Her Openness,

I Hoped None The Less,

At Best To Vest A Draw, When I Saw How Blessed,

She Was Filling Out That Dress,

But Then Again, She Probably Had Men,

Primed and Lined, From Out West To Budapest,

Her Chess Style, Led Me to Take But a Short While,

To Visualise With My Own Eyes,

That Her Fienchetto's Sported Stilletto's,

She Made My Queen Feel Raised in A Ghetto,

And Like A True Chess Crime, I Declined To Resign, So I Would Ever Fret So,

 I Was Drained and Refrained, From My Main Chess Vain, 

So With My Chess Rating Stained, I Let That Chess Set Go,


Now i need to go and Take a Cold Shower..


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