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How can I get better at chess?

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    I've tried everything. I want to get better seriously.

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    I think you probably need a good face to face teacher.

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    I took the time to analyze some of your games and i can see some problems in there but probably the main problem is that you are lacking tactics. most of the games you lost was because you didnt realize the tactical threats of your oponent until it was too late and also because you missed a tactical shot at some point when i was around 1500 i earned around 150 points of rating just by solving lots of tactics in around two months. I solve puzzles in chesstempo.com you get a tactical rating and the puzzles are given according to your rating. Something you have to know is you never have enought tactics training its probably the most important area to train until you are 2000+ rating. i train tactics every day around 1 hour per day, and the rest of the time i train strategy, endings or openings but tactis is the only one i train every day. The other reason why tactics is so important at this level is because you cannot understand many of the openings lines if you dont have enought tactics, by training tactics you will understand why pieces movility is so important in every phase of the game. In fact this is kinda weird but to find the solution to some of the hardest tactical puzzles you require to make an strategic analysis because the first move is not obvius at all and then you realize that in most cases the best tactical move is also de best strategic move. so there you have your answer.

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    How do you get better at language? Serious question. Our societies are saturated with language, so we pick it up easy enough. Chess though is not so omni-present, so one component to your improvement plan should be to hang around here and absorb the coded chess information. Ever heard of "memes"? They are units of cultural transmission, whereby information is shared from mind to mind. A lot of memes are picked up sub-consciously. 

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    Unless you have been playing chess for many years competitively and seriously studying for hours every week there is no way you've tried everything. The problem may in fact be that you jump ship to frequently in study habits that you don't ever see any progress in your chess or that you might not be studying in a way that works best for you. If you are really frustrated with your lack of apparent improvement and uncertain how to get learning again I'd recommend a few lessons with a chess coach that can see you with unbiased and objective eyes and help determine where you need to focus on your play to improve and how to go about it. Even one lesson may be all that you need for a coach to do that, maybe several. It'd be worth it. I think I even saw an ad post in one of these forums of an 1850 FIDE/2k Canadian player offering coaching at $4.00 USD/hr. That'd be a cheap place to start.


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