how do i get my rating up fast?


There is no foolproof way to guarantee a quick rating rise - for it depends on competitive results. All we can do is help you improve your game, and hopefully the competitive results will follow.

There are a few ways to improve your game at that level. Some have already been stated, such as lengthening your time control and playing more often.

Those should work fine, but I also recommend solving puzzles on the Tactics Trainer or from a book. Even just a few a day will help sharpen your tactical vision and, consequently, lead to you seeing more on the same chessboard.

And one more thing: Analyze your long games after you're done with them and see if you can find recurring mistakes. If you can, eliminate them!

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It will be near impossible to get your rating up quickly later when you're around 1800+, unless you're a prodigy, but at your level, the best thing to do is do tactics, play a good amount of games, and perhaps study a few beginner books.

I am approaching 1800 OTB now, and I really need a way to get my rating up-5 hours of tactics the week before the tournament is not helping. So tactics trainer does not work that much for me. Any effective way? I have been this level for a darn good time.


Not sure why kindaspongey keep spamming those lists. You can literally google "good (beginner) chess books" and find much more information about it. I admire kindaspongey efforts, but it's kinda redundant.


Yoda more, lose not.

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Oh and if you want to improve your skills , stop playing blitz. it won't help you at all. Try shifting to Rapid of 15 min with 15 sec increment. winning with a checkmate is way better than winning on time

Not necessarily... Blitz does help with time management and tactics.

 Your story is one of the older known mistakes of beginners. The first thing good teachers do is protect their students from 2 things:

1) Playing blitz and

2)Study openings

   Not because you don't improve with them , oh no , of course you do. Mainly because they offer short term improvement  while they actually do a lot of long-term damage that varies from player to player. It's what they call high-cost improvement.

    Everything you do in chess has a cost. If you think you can improve with blitz as much as someone that plays long games and tries to calculate and plan as deep as possible , you are only fooling yourself.

    Here is what a great teacher says about speed chess in general(even rapid):

Annotating rapid games (those played with a reduced time control) and, even more so, blitz games, is a fairly pointless exercise. It is not even about the almost inevitable abundance of inaccuracies and crude blunders – there are sometimes enough of them in serious "classical" games (although, in general, a significantly lower number). What's more important is the complete absence in rapid chess of any interesting, deep ideas that can only be created through immersion in a position, for which there simply isn't time in a speed game. (its a copy paste ,someone told me this and that was the point when i stopped playing blitz)


I guess I will start going to the local chess club more often, since I stopped 3 months ago and since then, my rating went down slightly


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"... This book is the first volume in a series of manuals designed for players who are building the foundations of their chess knowledge. The reader will receive the necessary basic knowledge in six areas of the game - tactcs, positional play, strategy, the calculation of variations, the opening and the endgame. ... To make the book entertaining and varied, I have mixed up these different areas, ..." - GM Artur Yusupov


If I could recommend only one video to beginners, this would be it:

As soon as you stop giving away free material (and pick up any free material opponent leaves on the board), you should get to 1000+ rating easily.