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How do you correctly pronounce "Alekhine"?

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    His name is Алехин in Russian. I don`t know how to transliterate the pronunciation but it would be:


    A - as in but

    le - as in small yet (said together)

    ch - you are right about Bach  (it is a bit softeror as in loch. (not k - it is soft)

    in - as in in

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    I think I'll just call him Al.

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    I heard GM Larry Christiansen pronounce it Alley-ekin
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    Aljåsjin .  Å , the fourth letter, is the same sound as "a" in "all" The first a is like the  "a" in the word   "bar".

    I am not sure if its Aljåsjin or Aljåxhin, hope some Russians can correct me, The Russian letter "x" is a strange sound.

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    There once was a World Champ named Alexander

    A reported called him Al so they banned her

    Some said Alekhine, like a draw he had to decline

    Others went for A-le-khin - that, I'd be checkin', I reckon

    I'm not really sure of the correct answer


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