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How old can you be, and still be able to improve in chess?

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    All depends on how good you were when you were younger. if you were already peaked then no, you won't get any better.

    If you just barely knew how the pieces moved then yes, you can still improve. 

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    The chess landscape changes over time.  I played in the early 2000s then didn't play much for 15 years.  The landscape is very different today.  Now you can know the theory of any opening just by Stockfish analysis.  Even weak players know all the tricks in the opening.  Online play is trending towards blitz and bullet.  Of course you will never as an older player be the best in blitz and bullet categories however I am ever surprised at how "aging" GMS still put in good performances at Blitz, even wining but they were already world class at younger age. Still I think that the blitz and bullet trend is the one that will most prevent aspiring players from ever becoming good because at most levels those games are just comedies of errors.  yes even at the IM or GM level.

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    bishod wrote:

    The scythe is remorseless. That's all I am saying.

    Yes as it will be for you too.

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    bishod wrote:

     You don't have long left on this planet so try not to worry about improving and just enjoy your final years. I think it is possible to still improve, but by how much depends on your health.


    You go around spouting off stuff like that, she might very well have more time on this earth than you! grin.png

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    lovebecause wrote:

    So your telling me on the job training past the mid 20's is impossible because cognitive psychology says so? 


    I'm entirely unsure how you got that conclussion from my answer.

    The answer is a qualified yes. IF one has not already spent a great deal of time studying the topic, then improvement is possible through the accumulation of small advantages, such as the development of knew habits or the acquisition of general knowledge. That said, past the mid-20s true mastery will not be achieved because the ability of the brain to form really large sets of new connections is decreased. There are biological reasons why adult learners actually have to employ different learning strategies than younger students: their brains physically work differently at the biological level. 


    That said, if the person has spent signfiicant time in study, and has achieved and plateaued at a level of performance that would be considered mastery of the skill, then statistically signficant improvement just isn't going to happen. And that is in large part because the spike-timing dependent plasticity impact on neural connections will have basically cemented certain thought patterns and processes within the brain. 


    I'm  not talking about peak creativity. I'm talking about the physical ability of the brain to grow new hebbian connections. 



    A 20-something adult who has played the game seriously for 8 years and is a 1600 player is not going to become a GM. And the issue isn't the time they have to spend on the game.  The issue is just how the brain works. However, that person may still realistically improve a class and sometimes. So setting a goal of getting to 1800 isn't completely insane. But they shouldn't expect much more than that.  A 20-something who has never played the game and starts up learning it seriously, can also expect to achieve a high amateur class level of play, but they also will never be a GM. 


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    bishod you are exceedingly rude , how dare you speak to older people, the way you have done on this thread, shame on you.
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    @exnos It's too late for bishod. Look at all his posts in the forums. He is too narcisstic to realize how wrong and disrespectful he is and still he's thinking that he is morally superior. Just take a look at his homeless thread.

    The only thing he is interested in is getting attention. He doesn't want to help people he only wants to boost his ego. He is addicted to it. Every forum post centers around him.

    OP asked a question but instead of anwsering her he tells her what's best for her. 

    Learn some manners!

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    it has less to do with your age and the health of your brain. everyone says true inprovements are impossible unless you start at a young age, but naysayers bw damned! so, if you invested in your future, and are healthy, you could be the next polgar!

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    @ossilov It's nice that you discovered a new passion. If you love the game there is always room for improvement since everything becomes effortless when you love what you're doing.

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    dark horse it's not me who needs to learn some manners, but bishod , just saying.
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    @exnos If you read carefully it is bishod who I am critisizing not you. The last sentence might be a little misleading but if you read everything it is not you I'm talking about. The only reason I was writing to you was that I wanted to point out how pointless it is too talk to bishod because he is to narcisstic to realize his mistakes. If you thought I was targeting you I'm sorry for that.

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    It's OK Darkhorse , I miss read your post , sorry about that .
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    If you enjoy the game it doesn,t really matter.

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    I am 67 and like you have returned to chess as a way to keep my brain active.  I know I can improve because right now I am very rusty as far as chess is concerned.  You should do whatever you want to enjoy life no matter what it is.  Most of all ignore the idiots of the world, they will someday be facing the same issues we have.

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    ossilov wrote:

    I am a woman at 70. From childhood I have of course learned how to move the pieces. I started to play chess a few years ago, and did surprisingly well in a norwegian tournament on chess.com.  Then I took a pause, but started again not so long ago.  It goes up and down, and my question is this: Can I even think of improving in chess at my age?



    i apologies if anything embarrassing you in my words. i want to say if  you want to improve your chess and that gives you an entangled enjoyment ; just keep trying. 






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    @Bishod may be rude when speaking to older people - but they may well have the last laugh, as they attend his funeral. One never knows...

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    redhawk44357 wrote:

    I am 67 and like you have returned to chess as a way to keep my brain active.  I know I can improve because right now I am very rusty as far as chess is concerned.  You should do whatever you want to enjoy life no matter what it is.  Most of all ignore the idiots of the world, they will someday be facing the same issues we have.


    I guess they won't, you know?

    Being in idiot is not necessarily a guarantee for a long life... :-)


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