How To Efficiently Improve At Tactics

drmrboss wrote:
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Preggo_Basashi wrote:

Rook on 8 to c2 followed by takes on the d file, Rd5, and capture the bishop? Oh I guess Kh2 or something.

How about a6+b6 to kick the queen off the 5th rank?

Hopefully there isn't something embarrassingly bad about that haha. Just a guess.

I came to the a6 + b6 conclusion after about 30 seconds, can't see anything wrong there.

Oh crap, I did not see a6!! , lol. 

I also mentioned a6 tongue.png

drmrboss wrote:
Preggo_Basashi wrote:

Yeah, it's the sort that can distract you with tempting lines, so if there's a penalty to solving in less than... anything under a minute, then IMO that's silly and just encourages people to guess. In a real game (OTB tournament game) you should calculate multiple lines carefully, not rush a few short lines then guess.


But again, I'm not really sure how tactics work online. I did some untimed ones on chesstempo years ago.

Yes, both Techniques and Speed are important. But my strategy is " Correct technique first, speed will follow later". It was the strategy  I was told during my swimming training. 

I've heard that in other places too.

The ability to have speed + accuracy is a result of practicing slowly and carefully. Something like that. I guess you're right, that applies to chess too.


Thanks guys for your contributions.

drmboss, you are right about getting bogus rating. But the guy I am talking about is really strong, and not only in tactics. He recently won a tournament and received a nice price, I don't remember exactly, but something like 1,500 dollars. By the way, although memorisation will not make a player improve calculation, it will certainly improve tactical skills.

Basashi, I heard from other strong players that studying endgames seriously is a great way to improve calculation. I am still in a phase where I think the calculation needed to solve tactics is already difficult enough for me, but once I want to focus more on serious endgame study.

How did Magnus and the other Super 2800 GMs learn and study and train tactics efficiently?


Does long time and hard diligent work also go along with the word "efficiently"?


I recently reached 2400 on TT. I'm also working through Chesstempo standard mode, as well as Improve Your Chess Tactics: 700 Practical Lessons and Exercises. Thanks everyone!