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How To Get More Women Into Chess

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    ....there's always botox, skin-snugging, and tummy-tucking and stuff like that.

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    Elisabeth Paehtz, and her dad?

    Ben finegold also comes from a family of chess masters, chess definetly runs in the family (to a certain extent)!

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    It "runs in the family" in that you have exposure to the game from a young age with a great teacher. Sunil Weeramntry is not genetically related to his stepson, but that child obviously benefited by growing up with such a great chess writer/teacher.

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    chess nature+chess nurture=chess master

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    I think the answer is actually quite simple.  It's "staring everyone in the face": 

    Make the prize amounts the same as in men's Chess.

    Now come the excuses given as reasons:  There's not as much interest in women's Chess.  Well, frankly, that's pretty lame at this point.  If there's not as much interest, then *generate* that interest.  The sparks are there; just give them some oxygen and fan them into flames.
    For example, through a reasonable - meaning *modern* - publicity effort.  And through helping girls realize that Chess can be "cool." 

    I also wonder if it might be time to start thinking about the positives and negatives of corporate sponsorship.  Those need to be weighed carefully, I think - but really - these problems all come down to one solvable problem which isn't rocket science:


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    Is money the incentive for people to play tournament??  I don't play tournament chess, but for all the reasons I might, money isn't even on the list.

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    Heres a nutty idea. Scrap womens championships. Is there any reason why women cant compete on a level playing field with men. As long as women have their own championships they will be seen as inferior. If you want men to accept women in chess (99% do already) then they need to be competing against men and proving they are as good as any man.

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    petrosianpupil wrote:

    Chess can be a very sexist environment. I recently got very easily beaten by a much better player than me in a club match. I resigned perhaps early than I could have done so that I could have the benefit of her wisdom and time to analyse with her and maybe get a bit of a free lesson. In the bar area a fellow team mate called out "I see you lost to a woman" the fact that she was the best player in the building seemed lost on him. Very embarrassing for him and our club.


    So your point is that there are idiots in this world. Yes I know. There will always idiots no matter what you do. 

    Your evidence that chess can be a sexist enviroment is that some idiot made a stupid joke and you were embarassed about it. What was your responce. Did you come back with a witty retort, nah I bet you put your head down and said nothing.  Chess is no more a sexist enviroment than any other place in the world. Idiots will be idiots and you can count on them to say idiotic things. I have met many a male idiot and many a female idiot. Both groups have have made inappropriate comments such as #killallmen but we seem to ignore the female idiots and cry every time a male idiot opens his mouth. "Won't someone PLEASE think of the women"The women I respect are the ones who would chew you up and spit you out. If any of my female friend chess players heard that you kow what they would have done. Challenged right there in front of everyone

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    Anger issues? No. 


    As far as taste in women, I prefer a woman who can look after herself and does not need a "gallant" knight riding in to save the day. I like the same sort of women as I like men. I treat them the same. I don't treat them as delicate,fragile things who need to be protected from the nasty mans words. 

    "your lack of rationality I am grateful for that." and I am grateful for your lack of grammer.

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    So you would say that there are no such things as human rights. You decide what rights people should have on an individual basis. Perhaps I should spell this out to you a bit more clearly as you seem to be struggling with the basics. I treat all people same with regards to rights and just general decency. I act differently around different people and different cercumstances but treat them the same. This is not a difficult concept. 

    I have no need to defend women from the nasty men because if I was required to do that then I would have no respect for that person. My original point right back at the start of this was that if you want to get rid of sexism in chess then you need to stop treating women as special. Can you give any reason why women can't compete with men on a level playing field. This has been my point from the start and if you had not been so busy taking umbridge with me you may have noticed this.

    As for you last comment. This is pure Ad hom attack. Take a deep breath calm down, get rid of the anger and read what is written. I am here championing women competing against me because I am of the opinion that they are perfectly capable of doing so. You, as far as I can understand from your ranting, are championing women as fragile and special. So I ask you, which one of us is the sexist? 

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    Hold tournaments in areas where parallel parking isn't required.

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    more woman should play chess

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    We don't play as "men" or "women" as representatives of our sex. We play because we want to Smile


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