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I hate chess.

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    (And I don't agree with his analysis either.) Smile

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    Yeah, this game sucks, SC2 is a much better strategy game! I used to play this my uncle who is a physics professor at Mitchigan uni and I used to beat him and now, after 10 years not practicing, I get beaten by little kids because 'I run out of time' this is bullshit and I am going back to sc2.

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    starcraft 2?

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    How much u weigh ? U sound like the kind of man i could develope into a good prize fighter. Frustrated ? Well we can get u bodies too bang away at,and we can make money! A few years of my coaching and i will take u to the big time.Forget about that chess b.s..Think of all the faces u can smash.

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    Chess is a terrible game, but it is still incredibly addicting.

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    Exactly the same for me son, I hate this game and I lost almost every single game I have played but it is incredibly addictive.

    It felt good knowing that I am not the only one here that hates chess. I still think it is one of the best and most balanced strategy games but it is way too frustrating, time consuming and addictive so I quit.

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    I hate chess because it always says that losing a ROOK is the best move in tactics! This just pisses me off because my family takes chess so seriously it is like a gold nugget to them!

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