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Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    I guess Igor was drunk the whole tournament.

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    I would be interested in asking Daniel Rensch about the tournament personally, I don't know about you, but anyone who loses to Daniel Rensch must be pretty drunk! (jk)

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    You can only win with a blunder. A 2700 player has such a great long-term memory understanding of patterns, positions, strategies, tactics, etc. that we, the club-level players, can't expect to compete.

    I have relatives who are not highly educated who think that I, a chemist who completed graduate school at IIT, should have been a company CEO or have won a Nobel Prize because I amaze them by how well I understand finances, the stock market, and how quickly I call out the answers while we're watching "Jeopardy," etc.

    But I know so many scientists that are brighter than me or understand business better than me because I'm at a high enough level to understand how truly amazing they are.

    I think it's the same with chess. I certainly don't have the expertise to say why Fischer may have been better than Kasparov or vice-versa, so I can't say exactly why we club-level players don't have a chance against GMs.  But having seen GM's win all the games in simultaneous matches, I know it seems to be true!

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    Yes 4 move mate


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    hi you guy im look some to go gues me in chess


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    I didn't read the whole thread, but can I beat Bolt in the 100m?  Sure, assuming he trips out of the blocks and injures something, pulls a hamstring after 20 yards and falls down in pain, etc.

    In other words it is possible, but highly improbable and I mean  HIGHLY HIGHLY ....

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    Id guess it would be a point zero something chance or less.

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    finally someone asks this important question

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    Morphysrevenges wrote:

    ... Yes, there is a statistical probability (albeit small) that a 1300 would eventually beat a 2700 rate player. Yes, play enough games and it will eventually happen."


           Maybe a 1300 player who played enough games would become a 2700 player.

           Another point: on chess.com everyone starts at 1200 I believe, so a player with a  1300 rating could be a ringer who just signed up.  

     I once beat a 2300 player by blundering a queen. It was blitz, and he was so taken aback that before he figured out it that it wasn't some brilliant sac, his clock ran out. He wouldn't have hesitated if he'd known how pathetic I was. 



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