Levels of difficulty of tactics training


Hi everyone. When I was looking at the tactics stats of different players I was noticing that some players clearly have harder positions to solve than others on average because they will have a correct rate of maybe 55% & their tactic rating might be 2350 & another may have a correct rate of maybe 72% & a rating of only 1500. I should add that  they will have done enough positions to have an accurate average (example: they will have done maybe over 1000 not just 15 or so). I realize that early on the numbers won't be accurate yet because they haven't done enough yet, ie. if you've completed 700 your rating means more than if you've completed 20. What's the deal with the level of difficulty? Do the positions automatically adjust to your rating like on chess mentor training?


Who cares?


I care or I wouldn't have posted it. The reason I'm pondering the question is because my % is staying in the 80's % (although I've only finished 51) I'm not sure if I should be solving harder ones. I, of course, am trying to improve & in seeing that others are getting harder ones I was wondering if there's a setting to adjust difficulty level or not? I actually thought it was pretty cool to be getting a rating based on tactical ability, although I'm not sure how accurate it is.


You will see problems similar to your rating.

But because time is so important to your rating change, you can increase your solve rate and decrease your rating.