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Looking for a game with knight underpromotion

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    I was recently talking with a friend about the uses of underpromotion but I couldn't find a game which had impressed me.

    From what I remember, the losing side underpromoted to a knight twice to avoid checkmate (probably had 4 knights overall) but the winning side slowly manoeuvred a bishop to achieve the win. I really hope I don't have false memories about this and wasting everyone's time. At the very least I am certain there were two underpromotions.

    Do you have any favourite games featuring undepromotions (not necessarily for this reason)? I would be keen on showing her an exciting game than just a demonstration for the sake of it.

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    Here is a game played 15 minute each side I had White-played about 3 months ago

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    I should note this line has been played before but I was lucky enough to play it myself.  Do  have another underpromotion game played a few months ago but it was longer. 

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    McShane/Aronian 2012 had a knight promotion, though more as a delaying tactic than for any tricky mating attacks


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    Here's a position I came up with where underpromotions feature prominently (it's a mate in 2):

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    I can recall a famous cooked study by Korolkov:

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    Thanks everyone for your input. Those were some very interesting games.

    @Andrew Yes, I'm aware with this trap and I'm looking forward to the day I'll have an opportunity to spring it on someone.Laughing

    @pfren That game... was... actually, I can't think of a word to describe it. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase horse power.

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    there is a game of eric lobron's where he ends up with 3 knights on the board, from the master game.... i'll see if i can find it.

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    shame the youtube videos have been removed.

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    In this last game there is no special reason to underpromote to a rook.

    There could be a million games like this?  I think underpromoting being necessary is the theme?

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    I've found the game! There is a link which explains the origin of the study. http://www.chessbase.com/puzzle/puzz16b.htm

    Feel free to keep posting games. I've found all previous examples very exciting! Laughing



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