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Missing a Tactic - Check Opp's EVERY Possible Move?

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    In recent games, I'll be ahead against a fiesty/attacking opponent - the games get very tactical and after several important tactical moves, I'll miss one and then he takes over.  Question:  Do you 1700 to 2200 rated players check every possible single move the opponent CAN make, to find the best tactical move?  That seems to where I've been going wrong lately.  I'll check MOST of his possible responses but after say, 8 moves like this, I'll miss a possible response and THAT'S the one that crushes me.  Often it seems, I'll miss an unlikely response.   

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    Do you mean live or correspondence chess?

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    You detect most tactics through pattern recognition : for example, if your king is castled and you have no heavy piece on the 8th rank, your chess spider-sense should tell you 'beware of back-rank mate'. If you don't know a pattern, then it's more difficult to 'see the tactic coming'.

    Now, with experience, you also take into account other factors that help tactics appear, such as exposed kings, open lines, tension and unprotected pieces, and you look for opponent's moves that may take advantage of those factors, but you almost never check for EVERY opponent's move (at least I don't) : only computers can afford to do that Smile

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    Thanks Laurent.  I think I missed my best move at move 15 as white.  Since my knight was on the 5th rank and could check his king with the next move, with protection from my rook, I should have seen that.  That was the pattern recognition?   Sorry, I still don't know how to post an actual game.  http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=71799976

    Hope your boys are well and full of energy.  

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    In your game, I think I would have been happy with 14.Nc7+ - I would have been very wary to launch a full attack with my king still in the middle of the board (15.e5), though it doesn't mean it was bad


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