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    SeamusORiley wrote:

     By the way, when Kasparov resigned on move 19, Mephisto Milano only had him down - 0.19

    Could he have fought back?

    Certainly not...engines give evaluations worse than -4.00 after c4...Kasparov was going down in flames and he knew it.  Still can't believe he played that h6 move...  

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    Thanks, Ziggy.  It is enjoyable, but I am looking for someone (like you) who has advanced and can attest to its efficiacy.  

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    Ziggyblitz wrote:

    Seamus, studying the way you describe sounds brilliant. I have Pandolfini's book on the Deep Blue v Kasparov match and have found it very instructive. My top machine is a Mephisto Master so I may see how fares with the games from the match.



    how did you make out with this?

    I'd love a strong dedicated chess computer to physically play a game out with analysis in display.  The Resurrection models are out of reach $.  I don't think a new model in the world of dedicated chess computers has been manufactured in years. 

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    Thanks for the reminder Peter, I'll dust it off today. I lost the adapter for the MM and have only just ordered one from the UK. The unit is battery friendly but the power adapter should prove useful.

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    I discovered that Mephisto Master is not user friendly when it comes to going  over a game as the process is very laborious and it is easy to mess it up.  Pressing the "clear" button at the wrong time resets to a new gameYell.  MM would often make different moves compared to the game and as MM is rated at 2150 it's move are usually quite strong but certainly not in GM class.  Interesting though is that in game 6, MM considered white as having good compensation for the knight at move 16.  That is when I accidently reset the game and my patience finally ran out.

    In future I'd definitely use a diferent machine if I wanted to go through a game.

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    old post but here goes. Peter. if you want to analyze chess the best way to do so is to get  deepfritz 13 from chessbase mmm about 100 bucks. and  download stockfish 6 for free from the stockfish chess  site and install it to your deep fritz 13 interface . In terms of strength you wont find any stronger rated over 3200. Komodo 8 is the  new world chess engine champ but! Stockfish 6 rated only 1 under the champ, is much better to study with as in multiple primary variation it excells beyond what Komodo 8 can do . Just look up chessbase and the world class software they  have available . and look into the free ultra powerful stockfish 6 develepment version eng.Its all there on google . hope that helps

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    OH and the pheonix chess systems are mm like  over 3000 dollars and they use the engine files that fritz uses anyway so may aswell at that point  just get fritz interface and  the top engines and simply set up a chess board and transfer the moves. its really the best option

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    I did work out how to use Mehisto Master for analysing, I've finally moved on and have loaded the Stockfish, Hiarcs, Shredder and Chess Pro applications onto my iPad. Maybe not as versatile and powerful as the PC and iMac versions but they suit my purposes fine.

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    Ya, stockfish on an i pad is still a beast from from out of this world. the only thing i thought it was missing was haveing multiple primary variations. I like to see the top 15 or 20 moves rather then just 1 as you can create ideas more easily.

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    A new dedicated chess computer released only two months ago is the Millennium Chess Genius with a Richard Lang program. A rating of 2000 is claimed by the manufacturer but testing so far indicates a rating over 2100.

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