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Does anyone have suggestions or a system for using the tools on to improve? 

paul211 wrote:

Can you specify the tools you ar referring to?

This would help adding suggestions.

 Thanks for clarifying paul211.  I am referring to the training tools such as chess mentor, tactics trainer, computer workout etc. 


depends on which facet of the game you feel uncomfortable with - endings?  watch rensch's videos and other videos -    computer trainer - chess mentor

and tactics trainer  all train different features and enhance your skills differently. 


melding the various tools into a composite of a human capable of drawing up the resources needed to win games is individual - and subjectively dependent  on your innate abilities as well as your learning.    combine that with the amount of daily time you have to spare - and you add stress - what to learn, in a specific amount of time - for a particular event coming in the future ?? 


a lot is not specified by you, so a more coherent answer is difficult to fashion.


as a chess coach, i can tell you this:  if you want your rating to rise for several years - not flashy but steady and your game understanding to rise - study endings daily for the same amount of time you study all other facets of the game.


There have been a number, but they all seem to eventually close their accounts or get banned.




Lol, Grobe, you beat me to it.

@OP: just browse these forums and you'll find tools aplenty :)