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Tournament software

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    Is there a free software that organize chess tournament, or what software does the organizer use ? 

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    kco wrote:

    Is there a free software that organize chess tournament, or what software does the organizer use ? 

    Martin_Stahl mentioned Vega (need-help-on-tournament-system).

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    one problem with free software is that its format not accepted by most federations for submission of ratings.  

    I use http://www.swisssys.com/ and it is well supported and one of the better ones. I believe it Vega is free  only under lixus...

    if you have a small tournament its probably easier to just do it by hand as long as you have pairing cards (easy to find and print online) and know the basic rules it no problem for a small group.

    how many players 

    is it rated?


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    Thanks guys for the info. Yeah is just a small group and not rated really, might what to use here for one of my group maybe.  

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    SwissPerfect is what we use at our club.

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    you can use pairing cards then. just read about pairing rules online

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    just list them in order of highest rated player down for first round. then break the list in half 1-5 6-10 then alternate pairings 1 - 6, 7 -2 , 3-8 , 9-4, 5-10 . Be sure to write down the color they play too (ie on player 1s card round 1 would be W6 (white vs player 6) 

    after round one just group them by score first then highest rated player

    the middle group might be off by a half point.

    alternate colors for  players if possible. noone should play the same color more than 3x in a row.   

    thats the basics 

    the number of rounds is 2^x x= number of rounds so a 4 round tournament you should have a clear winner with 16 players

    If you want tie breaks you can use blitz tie breaks or base it on the strength of the opposition. with out a computer i would suggest 5 min blitz match 2 games alternate colors and a sudden death 6-4 black has draw odds

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    Depends on what you want to use it for KCO.  If you are starting up a club offline Swiss Perfect is downloadable for (I think it was) a 1 month trial) and then the key can be obtained through the Australian Chess Federation (I think they might still have an agreement with the creator).  Note that Swiss Perfect has not been updated for over 12 years.

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    I'm thinking of designing my own software.  Swisspefect is ok, but it is hard to use for many people... especially when there are lots of drop ins and drop outs... and it's getting very old now.

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    interesting, are you going to put it on the market or is it just for your own personal use ?

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    I'd start with the latter and then most likely proceed to the former.  At this stage it's just an idea.

    I have to consider the time commitment involved and wonder if it is worth the bother first ;-)

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    I'm using Swiss Manager which is pretty good for handling individual and team tournaments.

    It may seem hard to use in the beginning and there aren't a lot of tutorials available in English (no idea why).

    Here is one I did for beginners: https://kidschessworld.com/swiss-manager/

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    Try to use online solution https://www.swips.eu, it is free and very easy to use.


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