ah I see. So me playing along is actually just what she wants?

Wow! You’re so intelligent!



Well Khrissy sorry but I have other things to do than feed a troll. Have a nice day though!happy.png


no offense OP, but come on!

a) there are a lot of threads out there that express this idea, so there's no need to make one.

b) boring is an opinion, and not everyone may share that opinion, so it's logical that you should probably back it up with some facts.

So let me ask you this: I think that this WCC has been one of the most exciting ones so far. Can you convince me otherwise?


nope. and don't wanna. 

Let others have their own opinions and chances to voice it. SO if you haven't noticed this is a long rant, I suggest you get out of here.


I've noticed, but my comment can either help them get back to topic or send them further down the rabbit hole.

Either way, it will be interesting.


blueemu wrote:

tipish wrote:


blueemu wrote:


Magnus isn't required to play the gallery. That sort of crap went out in the nineteenth century.


that sort of crap like Fischer el al....


When did Fischer ever play the gallery? Are you even acquainted with the term?

I will agree that Magnus' decision wasn't entertaining for the spectators... that's not his job.

If you want entertainment for casual spectators... hire a clown.

so today I hired a clown suddenly they learned how to play out moves instead of after 15 moves shake hands for another draw... they took risks and games like this will be studied for the future player. very nineteenth century. yups...


All of this is just crap.