What does mean, when a player refuse to rematch ?

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    TheNewMikhailTal wrote:
    Ziryab wrote:

    I used to demand five or six rematches after I lost to a lower rated player. Enough to gain back my rating points with interest. Then, one of these underrated patzers beat me again and again. 

    Funny. Sounds like you deserved it. ;)

    Of course I did.

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    Once I stopped doing rematches it took all the anger out of my game. It lets me refresh my computer after a lagged out game to get better connections and also gives me time to regroup between matches. It also added a ton of hate notes in my note box the majority of which scolds me harshly for winning and running which i find hilarious, After all, the winners never leave a note.

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    no more now

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    Players who refuse a rematch are jellyfish.

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    I like to analyze my games after I play them, right away while fresh in mind.

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    I don't ever rematch anyone because it diminishes the value of the first match. If you lost because you messed up that's your fault and you should be more careful - you don't deserve a rematch. If you won and you want to play me again - no, I must learn from my mistakes first.

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