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what is the lowest rating

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    And let me just say that trying to post comments here with an iPad is quite a challenge.

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    Once my rating was so low, it wasn't even a number, just a symbol- more of a scribble really...and i thought i could hear the computer laughing, but im sure it was laughing with me not at me , right?!?

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    the first rating was simply a scratch mark in primeval soil. at that time, pieces had to be carved from stone or wood, so the carpenter and stonemason were the most important jobs in the settlement. you could improve your rating by simply adding more scratch marks

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    I remember someone rated zero, but he had to work at it to get there

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    When I played on POGO, some years ago, I knew a guy who got to zero, but he had to harass the Admin to get it: the system would only let him go to 1. To get there he created 5 handles "helpmate1, helpmate2...etc" and they won the games for him. It took him some weeks to get there.

    The rules on POGO won't let anyone lose points if they are (if memory serves) if they lose to a player that is more than 600 points above the loser (winner can't win points either, if the loser is more than 600 points lower). Anyone know of a similar rule about the point spread?

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    top2pr wrote:
    ab121705 wrote:

    when I was teaching my son and his friends to play, I would deliberately play at or just above their level, so they would have to fight for every victory. It improved their skills quickly. Demolishing them by playing my best would have turned them against chess, probably forever. Instead, my son is the best player in his school, and his friends aren't bad either. 

    That's exactly what I would do... 

    + If they make a major blunder, I would give him a take back...

    Very well done mate...  It's a psychlogical to help them WANT to LEARN & PLAY a great game...

    Thanks - now they are beating me, and showing no mercy hahahaha. It's awesome

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    in order to become a good chess player you need a get back on the horse mentality.
    so you better learn that you will lose a lot before you get good.
    giving some knight odds will only give them a false sense of getting somewhere.
    I played 2 years in the club before I started to win games against others in the club. everyone was beating me all the time before that.
    instead of giving rook odds it is better to give advice if they make a "bad" move. Ask them "why do you want to make this move. haven't you noticed I have mate in one."

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    i do the same no mercy 

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    who has been crushed by someone much lower than them and feels embarassed e.g i flopped against a 1100 after making a stupid move which i noticed was stupid a few moments earlier and i just forgot all about it and lost.

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    I totally disagree with no mercy for young kids just learning. I play them tough, give them some coaching during the game, give them hints about options to consider, ask them if that's really the move they want to make; the point is to teach them to play and love chess, not to inflate my ego by demolishing beginners. I win sometimes, other times I will coach them into a win if it teaches them something.

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    In a training session I can play less good moves. but if it is a tournament.
    nobody gets mercy. especially if they make errors like
    1.e4 2e5  2. Nf3 3. f6 ??   they get punished with Nxe5 immediately.
    if it is not a tournament I explain why f6 is bad.
    tournament shouldn't be ruined by mercy.
    edit: I have to rethink f6 as a bad move as Bobby Fischer only drew in a simul against a player that played f6 so Damiano's Defense may not be the best  opening but playable if you know what you do.    

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    Wasn't there a thread about some guy who wanted to get his rating as low as possible?

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