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What is your favourite opening...?

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    Directed at every human that plays Chess. I have a few favourite openings, but it's mostly when I play as Black.


    For white I just stick to the standard opening with Queens pawn and The English opening, depending on how I'm feeling.


    But as Black my plays usually revert around Grunfeld Reverse, Budapest Gambit (huge fan), and the Caro Kann if white plays e4.

    Against people rated 1750+ they tend to play d4 so I do get to play my openings quite a lot of time.

    Against the lower ranked players e4 is commonly used so Caro Kann is my choice, very rarely and depending on my opponent the Lativan Gambit :)

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    Ah the sicilian, it has many variations so I have not bothered to look it up. One different move and you have a different sicilian, it's too much work for me lol... Is the Accelerated Dragon as Black?

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    lol too much work for me :) Stick to the basics and I can never go wrong haha xD!! :)

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    D4 as white and Sicilian or King's Indian defense as black.... I don't go deep into the lines but recently have been studying new lines, and changed my sicilian a bit, especially after Loki chopped my Kalashnikov to pieces. LOL. I  never play much against the Gruenfeld , few players have it in their repertoire, but I know to play against it ( a little) .

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    King's gambit rocks!

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    Pirc defense or kings indian as black

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    the modern benoni or the english for its solidarity and ease in transposing (the retis a close second for the same reason)

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    though the grob may appear depending on how much ive had to drink xD

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    As white, the Colle-Zuckertort.

    As black against e4: Caro-Kann and Sveshnikov Sicilian

    As black against d4: Nimzo-QID

    As black against c4: I play a c6-d5 with a kingside fianchetto structure.

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    The older I get the fuddy-duddier I seem to get, so I'm playing way fewer gambits such as the Evans Gambit and Kings Gambit as White - in turn-based games anyway.  I'm also getting more open-minded on openings in general (that aren't true gambits that is) and I'm willing to try new openings I never would've considered years ago, such as QGD as Black instead of an Indian Defense all the time (NID if possible)

    I was a big Budapest Fan decades ago OTB and it helped me "graduate" from Class-B to Class-A in USCF OTB tnmts, along with the Latvian CG vs 1.e4 but I'm mostly playing turn-based chess now and prefer more mainstream defenses, although I'll still play them in blitz games from time to time.

    It's obviously tough for me to give you a direct answer here - although I do seem to recall always liking the QGD Exchange Var - Minority Attack as White - its safe and sound with no apparent drawbacks and when Black's Q-side gets weakened (sometimes with a backward c-pawn) White's objectives are pretty clear.

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    Really difficult to call, I used to play really complicated openings until a few months ago when I took a break, now im back I decided its not worth my time to learn all those lines so:

    White: 1.d4 and now (1..nf6) Trompowsky, (1..f5) Hopton, (1..d5) London, (1..d6/1..g6) 150 attack.

    Black: Modern Defence against everything.

    A very systematic and easy repertoire, though many of them may still lead to very unusual and diverse positions, so it keeps things interesting, but with little up keep.

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    I just play 1. e4, 1...e5 or d5 and bring my pieces out.

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    French Defence for 1.e4, Tarrasch Defence for 1.d4,1.c4,1.Nf3

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    BlackieIsHere wrote:

    Directed at every human that plays Chess.

    Just out of interest, who else did you think would reply to this? :D

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    As white - King's Indian Attack and Queen's Gambit

    As black - King's Indian Defence (against d4) and French (against e4)


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