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What is your prediction about Anand vs Carlsen?

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    So basically, Anand's only wins and draws will be cheap opening preparation tricks ?

    The wake-up will be terrible for all Carlsen fanboys...

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    i look forward to it. i think carlsen is unbeatable though.

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    Irontiger wrote:
    Rasparovov wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:

    What entertainement ? Neither player has any motivation to play serious chess after the other has won. They can blitz out something at a 2000 level before leaving, but that's about it.


    If they're not playing for the title then let them play for the rating. 

    Again, not a real motivation. Except if you make the prizes rating-dependant.

    It's not like if they go under 2800 they won't have access to some tournaments anymore...

    Matches are arraganged without titles, why shouldn't this match be enough of a motivation?

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    Both outstanding players.

    Carlsen on a meteoric rise. Highest rated player currently. Eye-popping performance ratings. Seemingly comfortable in all kinds of positions. Has a constrictor style of play, squeezing away his opponent's options one by one.

    Anand, on the other hand, has made a career out of beating Super GM's in match play, and he has five World Champion titles to show for it. He's a highly tactical player (one of the most accurate players of all time) with world-class defensive capabilities. He's not a pushover by any means.

    They both play 2800-level chess. Both capable of, and have been known to, produce brilliancies.

    Anand is a serious prep-monster. Carlsen will have to steer the games in unusual directions if he's going to win.

    Likewise, Anand will have to keep things in familiar waters, or Carlsen will grind the wins from seemingly even positions.

    Either way, I don't think it will be one-sided at all. I think it will be a very close fight, with lots of sharp, tactically-complex maneuvering.

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    Well, my prediction 9 months ago that Carlsen will win 3 up, and if Anand dares too much, with 4 up, has stand the reality. And also my prediction that Carlsen will play unknown variations of openings and therefore winning in the bushes of the unknown.

    That makes me the indisputable winner of this contest. What a pity that it was not a serous contest. So I get no price...What a pity for me. But maybe someone will take this message serious. At least in that case I have something to laugh about. Good laughing is worth something too.

    Because the gap in ELO-rating simply was too big between the two players. The match was no match, but a very predictable  demonstration how far better Carlsen is.

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    Irontiger wrote:

    The wake-up will be terrible for all Carlsen fanboys...

    Bet you wish you could take that one back, eh?

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    In his interesting review of 2013 Shipov summed the match up like this:

    "Historically speaking, the match will go down as a formality. The world’s strongest player came and easily claimed his legitimate title. The real World Champion became the official World Champion"


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    FirebrandX wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:

    The wake-up will be terrible for all Carlsen fanboys...

    Bet you wish you could take that one back, eh?

    Well, I still have some trouble realizing how Anand got trampled.

    Why would I take it back ? It's not like I have never been wrong.

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    How many of these threads are there? Can't there be just 1 Carlsen VS Anand 2014 thread?

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    Timothy_P wrote:
    blueemu wrote:
    MSC157 wrote:

    It's all very obvious. If Magnus wins only 1 game more than Anand in the first 8 games, Anand will catch him. Otherwise not.

    For the 1st tie-break I would say Anand can win this. If not, Carlsen will take the title.

    Seriously? I look at it the other way... Anand will have much better opening prep, but Carlsen will have more stamina since he's a much younger man and in good physical shape. I expect Anand to win the short games and take an early lead, but Carlsen will win the long ones and come from behind. Anand needs to go two or three games up in the first half of the match, or Carlsen will catch him and pass him in the second half. By the latter half of the match, Anand will have already used up most of his killer novelties, and he'll be tiring faster than Carlsen is.

    I tend to agree with blueemu here (sorry MSC).

    Tim & Emu, you still disagree with me? Laughing


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