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Where to find REALLY good chessgame annotations?

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    I know youtube but like i want it to be written. Like anyone know any good ones on chessgames.com. Whats the difference between Kibitzing and annotations? If i have annotations should i be taking my own notes on the games i watch as well, if i want the most learning out of each chessgames? i mean online not in books. 

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    At chessbase.com there is always good analysis of top games but it is at a relatively high level. You could take a peek and see if it stikes your fancy.

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    I use Kibitzing on playchess.com when I when watch a tournament game live I run houdini 3 on the background  , and it analyze the game every move and it give info about the game.

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    Chess.com also has articles written by masters with chess annotations.

    The ones by Bryan Smith are really good.

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    Visit www.chesscafe.com. Among the annotators/ columnists are Yasser Seirawan and Mark Dvoretsky.

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    Difference beteween annotations and kibitzing?

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    If you like to read lots of kibitzing, plenty in www.chessgames.com Kibitzing seems like unwanted opinions. Annotations are comments by expert analyst.


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