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  • #1

    About 5 days i can`t play normally.

    1. First, when i play live chess it`s loading for ages.

    2. Second, every 5-10 minutes during game it makes white screen and says "reconnecting".

    3. Third, every 2-d or 4-th reconnect is reconnect forever. So the time is out and i loose. 

    Internet connection is fine. I want to know what is going on. I want to play here, but it`s impossible with this issue. 

  • #2

    Firstly, are you sure your java is up to date? That would be the easiest fix if it so happened that this was the problem.

  • #3

    Fully updated java. Still got the same problem

  • #4

    I just joined up 2 days ago. About 80% of my games are aborted due to reconnecting problem i.e.only about 20% are successfully completed but signal strength says excellent. Have been given a few 'warnings' already by chess.com but its not intentional.  Apologies to other players who have accepted the challenges but their game is won by defaultyet again aborted. I dont mind losing but to go out before the game starts is really annoying, particularly in 2 tournaments I tried to compete in. ?????? 


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