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Egyptian chess Players and Internet problems

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                                     Urrgent !

    We egyptian chess players can not continue to be on line due to errors and difficulties to log in or download any pages ,further more Hard to play our moves on our games on the site chess.com.

    plz,we hope chess organizers  to stop duration of our games temporarly till make any improvements  later.

    you do not know how many time I have taken to write this post .


    thanks in advance ......

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    Wow...so why is this?

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    the latest I read now , this is due to a rare elctronic attacking

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    Now, log in is not ok .

    BUT it is still low speed when U want to log in and try to view or move from page to page

    WE Can not do our moves or keep up on chess.com. we feel that our time is lost on trying to do nothing through the web sites

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    every thing is ok now  Smile

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    take care and good luck ...  keep trying and try not to be disappointed ...  :)


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