Glicko RD

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    explain please,what Glicko RD means?

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    Your Glicko RD decides how your rating will increase or decrease after a chess game. It stabilizes after many games. 

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    so what figure meaning is better? less or more? (more or less...)

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    A lower figure indicates your rating is more stable and less prone to deviate based on one result.  Your opponent's rating also factors into this - the lower both your Glicko scores are the less impact one game will have on your chess ratings.

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    thank all dear!

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    The Glicko RD is a measure of a 95% confidence interval for your true rating. If SR is your stated rating, your true rating is in the interval [SR-2RD, SR+2RD] with 95% confidence, where RD is your Glicko RD. it's one of those statistical things. 

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    pretty good description of it here:


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    Does that mean that Glicko is just an additional property of your rating indicating the stability of your "strength" rating. I.e., it only has meaning when looking at it together with your. Also it is neutral in its interpretation when trying to assess a strength. A high Glicko could mean that a player could be significantly stronger or (!) weaker.

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