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    I am a premium member and I'm getting annoying ads. I have contacted Chess.com 72 hrs ago about this problem and still no response. Is there Adm. that I can contact to help get this problem fixed?

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    well you can try in the chess.com feedback group.


    to be honest I contacted the staff several times concerning messages or banners I would refer to as annoying ads but in the end the only thing that happened was that they offered me to get back some money and to not be a premium member from that moment on. chess.com does not refer to certain things as ads.

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    Hi guys.  If you're getting ads and are a premium member please let us know.  Are you getting them on the full site or on an app? Do you by chance have a screenshot of the ad? What browser and operating system are you using?

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    I'm getting them on full site,right now I have a Dodge Ram ad in front of me. Sorry but how do I get a screen shot to show you.

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    Can you please try clearing your cache or browsing data to see if that helps at all?

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    The ads have stopped. Thank you. But my page is dark gray can't read quote in blue.

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    Can you please try using a different browser to see if that helps?


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