How to Contact Support


How To Contact Support always welcomes feedback from our members! Many of our best features were recommended by you, and of course we appreciate timely bug reports so we get to work righting the ship. We also want everyone to report any abuse or suspected cheating.

Below you'll find the best ways to contact and engage!  


Make a Suggestion: 


Have a feature tweak you'd like to see or an idea you want to discuss with the community? Head over to Site Feedback & Suggestions. Right here in the forums you can engage with fellow members and dream up the next big chess phenom!  


Prefer to send a message to support? No problem at all! Here's how:





Ask a Question:


Not sure how "en passant" works? Need help changing your theme? The Help & Support forum is chock full of members just waiting to give you a helping hand!


Don't want to wait for a response? You can  always seek out our Support Articles for detailed instructions. Just choose the HELP icon again, but this time select "Ask a Question"




You can of course skip the articles and contact us directly if you like! Here is a handy button for you.



Ask a Question 



Report a Bug:


No one likes it when things break sad.png But when remember report bugs to us, we're able to much more quickly get them resolved! 




Report Abuse or Cheat Suspicion: takes abuse and cheating very seriously and will absolutely investigate and take appropriate action.  No one should have to suffer abuse or a cheating opponent! 


There are some tools available to immediately stop abusive or just plain obnoxious behavior that you might not be aware of. Read about them HERE.


If a member gets out of hand, please contact support directly about any abuse. Cheating is never tolerated. Period. 



Report Abuse & Cheating 



We hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us with any questions! 



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