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im swartstinger

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    realy im just a rat, but either way did u realy know it was me:?

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    Moved to Off Topic.

  • #3

    Now just move all these topics to off-site.

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    MOVED TO OFF TOPIC, why i have very important discusens abt  the questions i ask witch tends to very much lead into some deep thoughts but they r all good though.

  • #5

    Are you on acid?

    Just wondering. Not really judgemental.

  • #6

    Acid is a good guessLaughing

  • #7

    Rat's bad trip

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  • #9

    yeah people, the chess.com acid trip n flashback, why hey wow ask momakineash

  • #10

    Momma's Knish!

  • #11

    Dear Doc,

    That is a weird looking cat

  • #12

    It's groovy baby!


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