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New Stats Charts ...

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    I just looked back about10 days and did not see any discussion on the new charts when looking at stats...

    As a stock trader, I love charts, but these new charts are disappointing.  When your rating varies by 100 - 150 points, you do not see ANYTHING on a scale of 2000...

    The previous charts were MUCH better in this regard; anything chance to go back?

    Chess.com is an amazing site, sorry my first comment is anything but praise :)


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    I agree with you, the new charts are totally rubbish. I noticed that we can now see what was the rating on a specific day, but the scale is simply too big. I support you - is there any way to go back to the previous chart system or at least amend the new one? As DalaiLuke, I think the previous chart, which used to show only the interval my rating was in, was simply better and more transparent.

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    Thanks for the support Marten ... I'm actually a little bit shocked that nobody else has commented on this subject. 

    What is the purpose for charts if they are worthless.  I appreciate the effort at java, but without the proper scale, it's just terribly disappointing.   Here's hoping chess.com is working on it, as I'm sure they'd agree.

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    I actually like the look of the new charts. I hadn't really paid attention to the scale but it probably would be better to have a smaller scale like before.

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    One more vote for the older charts.

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      First the trophies, and now the charts.  What's next?     Frown 

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    Thanks Mouse for the link ... I somehow missed that thread, but it's what I was hoping to see in the first place:  that chess.com staff were working on it.

    Like I said before, this is a great web site and in reality this complaint is rather trivial... all the same, it's fun to chart your progress.

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    Now we're talking!  The new charts are great ... chess.com is now my home-page ... I'm really enjoying an excellent site :)


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