Participation in Team Matches


I've recently joined the group Chess Assissans who currently are organising a team match against the Electronics team. I'm a member of the Electronics team and have signed up with them to play against the Chess Assissans. Now I'm a member of the Assissans that should make me ineligible to play in this team match as I'm now a member of both these groups. However I'm still listed as playing this team match, remember I signed up to play with Electronics before I joined the Assissans group. This match hasn't started yet as vacanies are still being filled. I understand that if you're a member of both groups you're not able to join the match. Am I right to assume that the software should automatically exclude me from this match now I'm a member of Assissans as well. Not a big deal as I'm more than willing to still play this match with the Electronics team but just curious. Maybe there's a glitch in the program that needs to be corrected to exclude people from still particiapting in these matches. Any feedback appreciated especially from staff. Thanks.


I dont think the software will automatically kick you from a team match that you have already successfully joined. Just like if its a match for 1200-1600 only, you can join if you at 1577. but lets say you win a bunch and your rating goes over the limit. I know it doesnt kick you then.

p.s. It may be a very ethical decision to withdraw from the match.


 That's the way I read it, msoewulff. I seem to recall that you could originally play in BOTH teams. When this loophole was closed, we came to the present situation - where you can't play in EITHER team. (You CAN temporarily leave one group THEN join the other team.)