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Site-Wide Vote Chess - Public Comments

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    Regarding site-wide vote chess games, I noticed that once you join one of the Chess.com vote chess games, you can no longer read the Public Comments.  We used to be able to read Public Comments.  Is this due to a deliberate change, or is it a bug?

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    Are you still having troubles seeing public comments? What VC game are you having the issue on?

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    The big site-wide Star Trek vs Star Wars vote chess game is the game at issue. 

    Yes, the problem still exists.  Before I joined the game the other day, there were visible comments on the Public Comments page, but as soon as I joined the Star Wars team, the comments were no longer visible.  A whole group of members say they cannot read the Public Comments, so I assume the entire team and maybe the other team as well cannot read them.  I also posted a comment for a test yesterday, but it is not visible.  I think it is a nice distraction at times to read what observers are saying about the game as it progresses, and there is also a point at the end of the game where the teams like to communicate with each other and say things like "good game" or whatever, so I think this should be fixed.  Thakns for your attention. :) 


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