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Can't play live chess

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     Now that it has been fixed in the app, can we get the news out to all the IOS app users before they start 2^32 additional threads?

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    What's wrong with chess.com app? Haven't been able to play a single live chess game in nearly three months. Someone should please rectify this before I die of depression!

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    I use an IPad3 and I still can't load a live game. @Notmtwain

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    Knightghost1 wrote:

    I use an IPad3 and I still can't load a live game. @Notmtwain

    Did you download the latest update? (3.6.14)


    explains that OldiPads can't count deal with integers above 2 billion.

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    Have just done the update.... Fully functional now, thank you.

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    unable to load the live chess. i can open archives and other but not live chess what could be the reason??

    Is the problem from Chess.com or is it related with my system?

    Please help!


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    same thing... whenever i hit a find match button...it seems to be loading forevernull


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