catching cheaters

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    I was playing today and my opponent stopped moving then after time ran out saw this in the chat window.

    [opponent name] may have violated our Fair Play policy - it has been noted and they may have their account restricted.

    Other sites i've played at are notorious for having cheaters -- refreshing to see a site that clamps down on 'em

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    yes i agree

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    he could have lost connection. This happened to me once in live chess, but no warning. I was winning...maybe that helped...Anyway, its not always cheating.

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    Because you're an indian prince

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    My diagnosis would be bipolar affective disorder with delusions of grandeur.

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    .... dork from Mork ?

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    Nice work Dork !

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    The previous owner of that profile pic was banned, I believe. This account was created last week. Hmm.

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    I don't think the message was anything to do with cheating. The site considers intentionally disconnecting during a game to be a violation of its fair play policy. So it is programmed to warn players who disconnect about this policy.

    How the site distinguishes (if at all) between intentional disconnections and unintentional disconnections I do not know.

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